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Muslim Soup Kitchen Project

Some of the Upcoming dates you can volunteer for MSKP are:

December 25th (we have enough volunteers for this day)
January 31, 2015
February 28, 2015
March 28, 2015
April 25th 2015

You can cook, be a driver, or help prepare and serve on site. Please email mskpvolunteers@gmail.com and sign up.

Become Part of the MSKP growing family!

We would like to expand and help multiple facilities every month. InshAllah we want to serve the Troy, Albany, and Schenectady area every month.  In order to do that we NEED some volunteers to take on leadership roles. If you are interested, please email MSKPcapdistrict@gmail.com.  Remember! You are capable of doing more than you realize. Help yourself by helping other. Jannah is not easy to get it in, so let’s work hard and work together to enter it together. InshAllah

MSKP Community CookBook information:


If you wish to order a cookbook, please make checks payable to ‘MCT’ and in memo write ‘Mskp-cookbook’. Mailed to: MSKP 322 Troy Schenectady Road Latham, NY 12210.

Price is $15.  Makes a great Ramadan or Eid Gift!. You can also buy it on June 14th @ Eid Bazaar in ICCD/MCC and also at BakeSales.

If you have any questions about the cookbook please email mskpcapdistrict@gmail.com

5) We post photos on Facebook of our events as well as keep the community informed of our activities.  Please visit us https://www.facebook.com/muslimsoupkp and on instagram http://instagram.com/muslim_soupkp

InshAllah there will be a MSKP bake sale at the MCT masjid on January 2nd after Jumah. You don’t want to miss it. Come and taste Home Baked Goodness!!!

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