All praise is due to Allah (swt) The Most Merciful the Compassionate. The Muslim Community of Troy/Masjid al-Hidaya’s foundation started when a group of students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) rented a small room to perform their daily prayers. By 1986, the room became too small and the community purchased a two story house that is now Masjid Al-Hidaya. The first floor of that house was converted into a musalla (prayer space) and the second floor into classrooms for weekend school classes, youth and adult education, and other activities.

For the last fifteen years, the community had increased significantly and outgrew that facility. Due to insufficient space to accommodate the growing community, including major activities such as jumuah prayer, seminars, Eid prayers, and community iftars, such services were held on the RPI campus. Many other activities that the community needed were curtailed because of the lack of space.

Allah answered the prayers of the community and masha Allah, by the grace of Allah, today we now have a beautiful Masjid in Latham- the Al-Hidaya Center. Please pray and support us so that we may start and finish phase II soon (the school building and multipurpose hall).


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