Job Openings

The Program Director oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of an ongoing Hifth and Qur’an program including planning, organizing, staffing and controlling program activities during the weekdays in the Masjid.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
The Program Director for  Hifth and Qur’an performs a wide range of duties including some or all of the following:
Plan the Hifth and Qur’an Program:
Work with the Imams and Administration for planning and the delivery of the overall Hifth and Qur’an program in accordance with the mission and the goals of tAl-Hidaya Center
Develop an annual budget and operating plan to support the Hifz and Qur’an program
Develop a program evaluation framework to assess the strengths of the program and to identify areas of improvement
Organize the Hifth and Qur’an Program:
Ensure that the Hifth and Qur’an Program activities operate within the policies and procedures of Al-Hidaya Center
Develop forms and records to document the Hifth and Qur’an Program activities
Develop and track the tuition for the program and ensure that all payments are received on time
Staff the Program:
In consultation with the Imams and Administration, the Director must help to recruit, interview and select well-qualified program staff
Implement the human resources policies, procedures and practices of the organization
Ensure that personnel files for the program are properly maintained and kept confidential
Establish and implement a performance management process for all teachers and other program staff
Engage volunteers for appropriate program activities using established volunteer management practices
University degree in a related subject is a plus
Professional designation: None
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Previous knowledge and experience in similar program management
Previous experience in teaching similar programs
Proficiency in the Use of Computers for:
Word processing
Simple accounting
Working Conditions:
The Program Director is expected to be present at Al-Hidaya Center from 4:00pm to 8:00pm daily during weekdays (20 Hours)
Due to the nature of the position, the Program Director must oversee the activities of the programs and ensure their proper execution
Interested candidates must e-mail their resumes to