A Weekend with Anse Tamara Gray

We are honored and excited to be hosting a weekend with special guest and renowned scholar, Anse Tamara Gray (http://rabata.org/about/anse-tamara-gray/)

Friday April 3rd | 7:30PM

Fixing the Family: Building a Home of Remembrance & Faith

The Quran teaches us that “The believers, men and women, are Auliya’ [helpers, supporters, friends, and  protectors] of one another.” (9:71)

How can we help and support one another in our roles as husbands, wives, parents, children and members of a family? How do we make our homes places of faith, remembrance and positive growth for us and for our children?  Join us as we learn practical steps to moving forward in our faith, practice, and connection to Allah as a family, and how to overcomes obstacles and challenges that may come in our way.

* A Panel Discussion with Anse Tamara and Imam Arsalan

* Open for both Brothers and Sisters

* Refreshments will be served

Saturday April 4th | 11AM-5PM

Sisters’ Only Workshop

Part 1: Saving Superwoman: The Challenge of Balancing Responsibilities:

As girls and women, we are pulled in several different directions, often at the same time! We play many roles: friend, daughter, student, mother, wife, boss, employee, daughter in law, manager and the list goes on. How do we take the “common” roles we play and turn them into elite actions in the sight of God?

Part 2: Thriving (not just Surviving!) the Marriage Marathon:  When it comes to marriage, much focus is placed on the wedding, but what happens when the honeymoon phase is over and the challenges of everyday life set in? When a new level of sacrifice and commitment are needed, are we prepared?

* Light Lunch, Refreshments, and Babysitting Provided

Saturday Night April 4th | 6-7PM

Special Session for Youth Girls, Ages 13-25